Our vineyards


A small medieval town of Motovun is a place you will never forget.

Our place

At the foot of the Motovun hill, the mythical Jason and the Argonauts sailed along the Mirna River, but the first inhabitants to leave traces populated this area in the period between 3,500 and 2,200 B.C.

The first mention of Motovun in written records dates back to 804 and after centuries of domination by the Germans and the Patriarchs of Aquileia, Motovun asked Venice to be accepted under its rule in 1278 and remained so until 1797.
At the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy this area was renowned for the growing of trees used in ship-building.

Our vineyards

Spread through 30 Ha and encompassing several micro-locations, we grow the typical Istrian varieties of grape; Malvazija Istarska, Teran and Muškat.

The white soil, microclimate and hilly terrain configuration gives our grapes the minerality, freshness and expressive characteristics speciic to these varieties.